Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search

The 7th Grade Talent Search is an entry point to Duke TIP’s support, resources, and community. At a crucial time when they are forming their identities and looking ahead to the future, students receive benefits that help them learn about their academic strengths, discover new interests, find essential advice, and connect with advanced educational programs.

Participants receive several benefits, including the opportunity to take the ACT or SAT as an above-grade-level test, special online publications, recognition for your academic achievements, and research-based advice. For additional fees, students can also attend one of TIP’s renowned educational programs.

Find more info at: tip.duke.edu/programs/7th-grade-talent-search

Laura Marsh, Chair

Lia Baker, Vice Chair

TBA, Recording Secretary

Monika Moorman, Corresponding Secretary

TBA, Communication Chair

The Broward Gifted Advisory Council (GAC) is a group of parents, volunteers, and educators focused on providing quality gifted education and opportunities for Broward County's gifted children. We also facilitate two way communication between parents and the Broward County School District.

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